After spending several years living in Europe while serving in the US military Eibon (pronounced "eye-bon") returned to the States and began an informal study of the dark side of the mind, which consisted of everything from managing "Mystery" of VH1's "The Pickup Artist" fame to studying the linguistic stylings of Charles Manson.   A late-night encounter with a submissive young woman he met online in late 2005 piqued his curiosity about BDSM.   In 2006 he officially entered the scene, then by late 2007 he had purchased his first electrical gear and was off and running, giving demonstrations not too long after.

Known for bearing a sadistic grin and frequently accused of "evil" he created the IdahoBDSM website, has had his writing featured in SECRET Magazine from Belgium, appeared in shadow to talk about the lifestyle with Boise CBS affiliate KBOI-2 for their "A Little 50 Shades - Boise Style" feature in May 2013, and appeared on Playboy TV's "Undercover" in August 2016.   His presentations range from the serious to the absurd, often reflecting the energy of the audience.

One attendee said of him: "You have an intensity that keeps me glued to my seat and forgetting to breathe. :)"

An attendee of Thunder in the Mountains 2015 had this to say: "You really were an inspiration to me that weekend. You were the first person I was able to have conversation with that made me see how normal this all is and how much society could benefit from a little letting go."

Classes Offered:

Virtual Reality 101

Virtual reality is useful for more than just video games.   The US military is training soldiers with it, medical students are using it to practice surgery, and many people say it's the future of sex.

This presentation will cover, among other things:

A brief history of virtual reality

Minimum computer requirements to run a virtual reality setup

Comparing the various headsets available (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, etc.)

Haptic feedback, telepresence, embodied perspective-taking and body-transfer illusions

Time permitting we'll demonstrate how virtual reality can be incorporated with sex toys, and everyone will have an opportunity to try on the Oculus Rift headset and experience virtual reality for themselves.

Electric Virtual Reality

"Electric Virtual Reality" builds on "Virtual Reality 101" by demonstrating how virtual reality may be combined with some forms of BDSM play.

Virtual reality seeks to immerse people in an experience by manipulating their perception with images, sound, and other stimuli.   In this case, the "other stimuli" is electricity.

Using an Oculus Rift headset, an ErosTek 232, and some virtual reality porn we'll send a volunteer into a new world where every sight and sound invades their body.

Video Glasses / Autoscopy

"Autoscopy" is associated with looking back at one's own body from a vantage point or position outside of the physical body.

Cases of it have been attributed to everything from delirium and psychosis to astral projection.   Autoscopy is also associated with seeing one's double or a duplicate of one's own body.

Using video glasses and cameras we can simulate autoscopic experiences within BDSM scenes, adding another dimension to play.   Everything from candle wax to terror play becomes more intense while the bottom is "outside their body" witnessing it.

In 2011 "Watch Yourself: BDSM with Video Glasses" was featured in SECRET Magazine #36. The article may be viewed here: Watch Yourself

"Autoscopy with the use of video glasses as demonstrated at Eibon's class is the most innovative contribution to BDSM play since the invention of the whip." - Uncle Abdul, author of "Juice: Electricity for Pleasure and Pain"

"Seeing the equipment in person made me realize just how mind fucking an experience this could be.   This is an amazing insight on your part Eibon, into a completely new realm of exploration." - Libertine

"I'm looking forward to trying them again.   The possibilities seem endless with your set up!   Simply genius."

Download handout

Electrical Play (E-stim) 101

E-stim involves using what amounts to jacked-up TENS units for pleasure and/or pain.   Many women who have experienced e-stim have compared it to being "fucked by a ghost."   In E-stim 101 we'll discuss safety/health concerns related to e-stim, move on to equipment considerations, then conclude with a live demonstration.

These are the two "entry level" power boxes we'll be using:

ErosTek 232

ElectraStim SensaVox EM140

To quote some attendees from previous demos:

"Thank you so much Eibon for the wonderful demo!"

"It was truly a pleasure to meet you and watch you and your lovely toys at 'work'!"

"Had a wonderful time!   Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!"

"Eeeeep to everyone!!!!   Great demo!   giggles"

Download handout

No prior experience with electrical play is required.

High-end Electrical Play - Light, Sound, Massage, Electricity

This class takes electrical play to the next level by combining light, sound, massage, and electricity to create an immersive experience.   Please note this is an advanced class - E-stim 101 handouts will be available and safety will be very briefly discussed, but this is the "deep end" of e-stim.

An ErosTek 312 e-stim unit is used in conjunction with a Nova Pro 100 light/sound machine.   Add a Homedics massage seat, sync all three to music, and results like this are what you will achieve:

"Eibon's electrical play is fucking amazing.   Lights, massage, current inside my pussy, and all of it set to music.   He said it would take me to another orbit... um... hell yeah!   I need to visit Boise more :)"

A volunteer in Hollywood commented:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and how happy I am that I responded to your post!   What an incredible experience it was... more and better than I could possibly have imagined.   You were wonderful, and I don't know how to say a proper thank you.   I feel so lucky."

Attendees say:

"I absolutely loved your class at the Citadel.   Thank you for posting so much information also.   I hope to attend more classes.....when you're in this area."

"It was great meeting you and the class was awesome!   I swear you've inspired me to try electric play."

"Thanks for the great class today.   Enjoyed the demo and learned a lot.   Sent a friend request to keep up with your classes. "

No prior experience with electrical play is required to enjoy the class but those who are familiar with it would likely have a better appreciation for what is happening.

Officer Wes pioneered this type of scene, his High End Electrical handout may be viewed here.

NOTE: Due to luggage restrictions this demonstration may omit the massage chair and use the smaller ErosTek 232

Download handout

Electrified Impact Play

There are many classes on spanking and impact play but there hasn't been a class on electrified impact play... until now.

We'll examine the violet wand and TENS-type e-stim in relation to impact play, with a focus on:

How to create memorable electrified impact play scenes

Creating/modifying your toys to work with electricity

Safe uses of electricity

If you've ever wanted your submissive to feel current flowing inside them the moment you spank them, or wanted to try a cane that feels as if it's emitting electricity, this class is for you.

Build Your Own E-stim Toys

In "Build Your Own E-Stim Toys" we'll examine how to create your own inexpensive sound-driven e-stim boxes from items like MP3 speaker docks and vintage toy keyboards.

Quality e-stim boxes that process sound cost between $299-$599.   Buying a MP3 dock and making your own box is easy and shouldn't cost more than $15-$20.

No electrical knowledge is necessary to make these.   Some soldering is helpful and will be briefly demonstrated in the class, along with a way to connect wires without a soldering iron.

In addition to modifying a MP3 speaker dock in the class step-by-step a handout will be provided with detailed instructions, safety information, sources for parts, etc.

One of Eibon's modified keyboards was featured in FACT - Music News, New Music: "Some mad scientist turned a synth into a sex toy"

A gentleman who bought a modified e-stim keyboard from Eibon had this to say:

"By the way, this thing is brilliant, thanks for being alive and modding."

Violet Wand 101

Violet Wand 101 includes a short history of the wand and its uses, describes the type of electricity it creates, how it travels across the body, safety considerations, and a demonstration of the 3 primary methods used with the wand: direct, indirect, and reverse.

Here are some comments from participants/attendees at previous violet wand demos:

"Yay for after a great scene having... Numb hands and feet, chills and shakes!!   It was a great scene thank you for letting me be your demo bottom EIBON, I will have marks for days!!"

"Sir the demo was really amazing.   There was something so private and sensual about the connection between you and your subject that was captivating.   Thank you so much for sharing everything."

"...Eibon was mesmerizing just as before."

"Thank you so much for the demo tonight.   One of the main reasons we signed up on Fet was so that MrsOwl could try out the Wand and you certainly gave us the opportunity tonight.   Your demo was incredibly informative, entertaining and engaging and we were both very glad that it was our first Fet event.   I'm sure I'll contact you with a question or two as we consider making a purchase. Also, don't be shocked if you find an illustration inspired by you on here at some point.   Thank you again!!!"

No prior experience with a violet wand is necessary.

Download handout

Violet Wand 201: Personalizing Your Play

Violet Wand 201 will show wand enthusiasts how to stop using the "standard" attachments that everyone else uses and start creating their own unique toys. Cupping sets, canes, clothespins, hair brushes, shoes, belts and more will be inexpensively converted to violet wand toys.

This is a hands-on class - everyone will leave with some sort of new toy that they may use immediately with their wand.   Attendees are also welcome to bring items from home to work with.

Those who have used a wand previously would benefit most from Violet Wand 201 but those who haven't yet purchased one can also benefit from it.

Quotes from some who have attended:

"What an amazing demo. Not just the same old "this is a mushroom, here is a rake...see what they do."   I was able to make some new items and take away a new style of play with the violet wand.   Thank you Eibon"

"GREAT!!! demo walking away with toys and a smile knowing this has broadened our scope and skill Thank You Eibon you're a great guy hoping you come back again ^.,.^~"

"Not only did I get ideas about different ways to use my wand, but we made toys to use with our wand.   This was a great class, thank you."

"Awesome Demo!!!   Thank you Eibon for teaching us to make wonderful toys to use with violet wands."

Stun Gun Fun

Few toys make as intimidating a sound as a stun gun.

"Stun Gun Fun" will explain what sort of stun guns are safe(r) to use, who should and shouldn't have a stun gun used on them, areas of the body to avoid, scene ideas, and more.

This is a class that involves audience participation. Several stun guns will be available for attendees to try on themselves and/or their partners.

Please note this presentation usually runs 45-60 minutes.

"This class was perfect though.   Quick, to the point, completely informative and one I can definitely duplicate (giggle)   ....   I would definitely take another class with this presenter." CandiAnne - Ms. Beyond Leather 2011

"As someone who is a little bit jaded by the embarrassment of riches that we have here in Los Angeles when it comes to BDSM classes/education, I was a little worried that I wouldn't learn anything new at Sin in the City.   Right out of the gate (first class of the event), Eibon proved me wrong at his "Stun Gun Fun" seminar.   I now have the ability to concisely explain concepts like voltage and amperage, and learned a new play technique (stun gun as a violet wand)!   Wow!   Look forward to seeing you teach on other subjects in the near future!" - SwitchDavid

Download handout

Getting Started as a Presenter

When Eibon started presenting in 2012 he set goals regarding where he wanted to be and how he wanted to get there.   Despite some setbacks a little over 3 years into his adventure he had achieved exactly what he wanted.

The point of this class is to shave at least one year off the learning curve for those new to presenting.   Some of the subjects we'll discuss include:

How to communicate with venue owners / event organizers

Putting together interesting classes

Avoiding common mistakes many new presenters make

Creating a congruent fetish identity

Crafting a resume that makes events want you to present for them

Note this is not a class on public speaking - plenty of those resources are available already.

Event Organizers Say:

"We were quite amazed at Eibon's class and in dungeon, real time demo.   It was great to see him mix technology with play to increase and enhance the entirety of the experience.   We look forward to see what else an inventive mind such as his can come up with!"
Barak - Co-Owner of Adventures in Sexuality, Promoter of COPE 2015

"Your presentations were very well-received.   The attendees had a great time watching all your events and presentations, and were dazzled by the array of options presented for electrical stimulation!"
Melissa - Kink Track organizer, Frolicon 2015

"We had the pleasure of having Eibon come to our little slice of hell and present an incredible class for us.   Eibon presented his Violet Wand 201: Personalizing Your Play for us in August of 2012 and it's a really amazing class.   We've had similar demonstrations on Violet Wands in the past, but Eibon brought a new approach to the subject and even showed us how to turn everyday objects into delightful Violet Wand toys.   He brought a fresh new approach to Violet Wands and made them even more sadistically entertaining for our own enjoyment.   If you get a chance to have Eibon come to your community to present this class I'd say you are a lucky group of people.   Anytime Eibon comes through our area again I'd love to have him back."
ImDavid - Education Coordinator, The Group In Fresno

Master Todd and slave elizabeth of Leatherati said:

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